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Water Under The Bridge-Lotion Candle


Water under the bridge- a bright, immersive profile highlighted with hints of lemon, marine air, and sea greens that will remind you of a beautiful coastal walk at sunset. Our lotion candle is made with shea butter, coconut butter, soy wax, fragrance oils. Simply light the lotion candle. It is decorated with a bamboo spoon and white bow. the oil will then turn into a super moisturizing oil that is now ready to use as a lotion or massage oil. extinguish the flame and use the bamboo spoon to pour the oil onto your body, hands, feet or legs and massage into skin. If the oil irritates skin discontinue use immediately and rinse off of skin. Do not leave spoon in jar while candle is burning! 4oz candle - single wick candle - burn time of 15+ hours. 8oz candle - single wick candle - burn time of 30+ hours. 16oz candle - 3 wick candle - burn time of 45+ hours.

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