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Handmade Soap


Soap is 3.5 oz -- Very fragrant and top quality. 

Tangerine Basil is surprisingly earthy with top notes of herbal basil. This soap is colored orange with paprika and then swirled with white for a marbled look. Bar soaps handmade in Michigan using only therapeutic grade essential oils for fragrance and an heirloom cold process soap recipe.

 Lavender lemongrass is our top-selling soap and becomes an instant favorite.


Hibiscus Rose Geranium became an instant favorite when we released it in 2018.


Activated Charcoal Soap is really excellent as a facial soap to cleanse pores and clarify the complexion. 


Rosemary Lemon is great in the kitchen or if you like a clean scent in the bath.  Works great for tough feet smells. 


Soap Sampler -- Every batch of soap has 24 odd ends they usually party together in some corner or the studio feeling somewhat less valuable than the perfectly cut bars displayed neatly on shelves...these orphaned rugged rustic soap ends just want to be adopted to a loving home where they can be useful and appreciated.

Each Sampler Includes:

10 different soap ends

A scent guide

4 x 4 x 2 Kraft Gift Box

Navy grosgrain ribbon